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Wabco Air System Protectors

Protective Systems for WABCO Air Systems

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WABCO ASP Silver Cartridges use the same high quality desiccant material as Wabco Air Dryers, with excellent drying performance and high mechanical reliability. In addition, the Silver Cartridges have a Coalescing Fleece Filter to remove oil aerosols. It is recommended for improved protection to the compressed air and braking system from oil contamination. Available up to 13 Bar applications with M 39*1.5 and G 1 1\4” thread size.

WABCO ASP Gold Cartridges use two desiccant materials for the highest drying performance and two Coalescing Fleece Filters before and after the desiccant for optimal oil particle removal, providing 50% extended lifetime. The Gold Cartridge is recommended for vehicles with high air consumption. Available up to 13 Bar applications with M39*1.5 thread size.

During coalescing droplets are captured by the filter coalescing fleece and compressed air is cleaned from oil aerosols. The coalescing effect merges fine aerosols into compact droplets, which become too large and heavy to be carried forward by the compressed air flow. If one of the coalescing fleece filter layers is saturated, surplus oil can drain to the next layers.