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Truck Torque Nov/Jan 16

Truck Torque Nov/Jan ’16: Multispares Updates

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Multispares stocks a comprehensive range of brake parts for Japanese trucks.

Auto Electrical Products including starter motors, alternators, batteries, lamps & seals, sealed beams, switches & senders, solenoids and wiper motors.

The new Illinois AutoSetClutch improves on all earlier versions of self-adjusting heavy duty clutches for American trucks. The AutoSetClutch compensates for wear by auto-adjusting to maintain the clutch pedal free-play. Two shifting cams sense when to adjust to maintain the correct clearance and an external indicator tab provides a visual inspection of remaining clutch life.

Jaltest Multi-Brand and Multi-System Diagnostics uses Jaltest Soft and an intuitive and easy to use communications interface to connect your PC to almost any commercial vehicle ECU. The interface includes:

· Option for wireless connection.
· Live data graphics,
· Configurable diagnostic reports, and
· Robust long-lasting hardware.