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SKF Original Equipment for American Trucks

SKF Original Equipment for American Trucks: Multispares

SKF has been a trusted OE supplier to the largest truck and trailer manufacturers in the world for a long time. SKF offer high-quality assemblies that are a perfect fit with original parts. Bearings, seals, hubs, accessories and fastening parts all match OE specifications and requirements. The innovative know-how and experience acquired while collaborating with OE manufacturers is transferred throughout the business and ensures SKF is able to provide high-quality components with original specifications for customers in the independent aftermarket.

For trucks, trailers, and other Heavy Duty equipment in the US, SKF offers a range of Scotseal solutions, ranging from the Scotseal Classic to the Scotseal X-Treme. In most cases, these seals feature a hand installable design and use an HNBR material that provides high temperature capability, excellent wear resistance, and broad compatibility with synthetic lubricants. For the US designed vehicles, SKF also offers a range of composite and aluminum hubcaps and hubcap accessories that combine sophisticated form and robust functionality for reliable wheel end protection.

Due to high demand, SKF now offers complete hubs for trucks and trailers. These high-quality assemblies are a perfect fit with original parts: bearings, hubs, accessories and fastening parts all match OE specs and requirements. And because the complete hubs reduce downtime and the risk of installation errors, they offer a lower total cost of ownership than traditional loose bearings.

With the ongoing evolution of commercial vehicles, the proliferation of new pneumatic powered accessories has increased demands on vehicles’ compressed air systems. From kneeling buses to multi-axle ABS brakes, new applications have raised the requirements for clean, dry air, straining existing technologies and creating a need for more efficient and reliable air dryers. The SKF Brakemaster family of air dryers is meeting those needs. In addition to units designed for conventional over-the-road applications, the SKF Brakemaster line includes high performance air dryer units specifically designed to handle the extreme air system demands for such industries as transit and refuse. The state-of-the-art Turbo 2000 series air dryers now featuring two styles of the Dual Turbo-2000 – the standard Dual Turbo-2000 and the High Capacity (H.C.) Dual Turbo-2000. These heavy duty air dryers allow fleets to match air dryer performance to specific application requirements.