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Tighter component tolerances that improve performance, reduce emissions and extend engine life have also increased the demands on engine filters. Significantly higher oil pressures and flow rates put the internal components of oil filters under stress and these components must be manufactured to the right engineering standards. Filters are being exposed to higher temperatures, higher pressures and new lubricants and the manufacture of late generation filter mediums for air, oil and fuel has become a specialist technology. Only the largest filter companies can guarantee they meet original equipment specifications. Multispares works in partnership with the best to ensure our filters are fit for purpose and that we have full technical backup wherever our filters are installed.

Cabin air filters have become standard fitment on all vehicles to protect road users from hazardous spores, pollen, dust, bacteria, fungi, road particles and diesel soot. To ensure good health and well-being, particularly on our busiest roads, you should replace your cabin air filter at least once every year, ideally twice in spring and autumn.

Tolerances on air control systems have also become more critical and both water and oil must be properly removed to prevent system failure. This has led to the development Air System Protectors that use traditional desiccant materials in a first stage to remove water and coalescing fleece filters in a second stage to remove oil. The best quality Air System Protectors provide excellent drying performance, high mechanical reliability and optimal oil particle removal. Special cartridges are available for problem vehicles where two layers of desiccant and double coalescing filter technology can extend life by 50%.

Multispares is a national distributor for the three dominant air control manufacturers, Wabco, Knorr-Bremse and Haldex, and our range of Air System Protectors is sourced directly from these companies.

Multispares is an independent aftermarket company selling high quality branded products sourced from leading component manufacturers, including those displayed on this page. We provide a credible, competitive and quality alternative for replacement parts and accessories on all the European, Japanese and American vehicle makes.

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