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Robert Bosch started business in 1886 manufacturing low voltage magnetos for gas engines. In 1902, with the invention of the first commercially viable high-voltage spark plug, Bosch made possible the development of the spark-ignition engine. So began the company we now know as the largest supplier of automotive components in the world. From the beginning Robert Bosch was closely involved with development of electrical components for automobiles including wiper systems, headlights, alternators and starter motors and to this day Bosch remains one of the largest original equipment manufacturers of these products. Multispares has partnered with Bosch to bring to market their huge range of alternators and starter motors meeting or exceeding the efficiency and performance characteristics of the original products fitted to European, Japanese and American makes.

Valeo had its origins in the development of clutches and thermal systems but through acquisition over the past 50 years Valeo has joined Bosch as one of the largest manufacturers of electrical components. In the commercial vehicle market Valeo is well known for its high quality original switch components, particularly the SWF brand.

The Hella brand is most recognised for their innovative and high performance lighting systems with a strong presence on original build commercial vehicles. Multispares enjoys a close partnership with Hella as one of their largest national wholesale distributors.

We stock a huge range of parts and over 40 years Multispares has built a supply chain that allows us to sell direct to the market at wholesale prices. Call us now or stop in at one of our branches for anything you need to repair or service your electric system.

Multispares is an independent aftermarket company selling high quality branded products sourced from leading component manufacturers, including those displayed on this page. We provide a credible, competitive and quality alternative for replacement parts and accessories on all the European, Japanese and American vehicle makes.

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