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Volvo Truck Parts: Adding Comfort To Your Cabin

Volvo Truck Parts Adding Comfort To Your Cabin

When considering ways to upgrade and maintain Volvo trucks, you should consider how to increase comfort in your cab or cabin. When driving a truck, you need to be comfortable.

Which parts will upgrade your Volvo truck cabin?

Keep reading as we discuss Volvo cabin truck parts and the many steps you can take to improve the driver experience.

Why Is Cabin Comfort Important?

Cabin comfort is an essential consideration for those managing a truck fleet. Here are some advantages you can gain from increasing the comfort of your truck cabins:

  • Improved efficiency – improved comfort leads to improved efficiency by keeping your drivers from becoming tired and distracted due to discomfort. 
  • Reducing health complications – if your drivers aren’t comfortable, this could lead to posture-related health complications.
  • Improve the employee experience – keeping your trucks updated with ergonomic and comfort features will help you to improve the employee experience and retain drivers more easily.

Increasing comfort is a relatively minor expense that significantly benefits your employees and their daily work life.

How To Add Comfort To Your Cabin With Volvo Truck Parts

Explore some aftermarket Volvo truck parts that can enhance comfort when driving Volvo trucks. 

Choosing alternative truck parts over genuine Volvo parts may make the replacement parts more accessible and reduce the time it takes to buy parts for service and repair.

Seat Base & Backrest

A worn or uncomfortable seat base can create issues for a drivers’ postures, and it’s in your best interest to add more comfort to your cabin with Volvo truck parts. You can update your seat base and backrest as needed, even opting for a different upholstery material like leather to make the cabin more comfortable, or a heated seat base to upgrade your vehicle and provide more comfort and relief for drivers during colder seasons.

Mirror Assembly

Improving the driver experience can involve improving visibility. You can access optimised mirror assemblies for your Volvo trucks by searching aftermarket parts for European trucks. By upgrading your truck mirrors, drivers will be able to see more clearly, with an improved range of vision, allowing for safer, more comfortable driving.

Sun Visor

A sun visor is crucial to prevent your drivers from becoming blinded by the sun. You can opt for specialised sun visors explicitly designed for trucks. These visors will provide more shade for your driver and prevent eye strain when driving.


Ensuring that you continuously maintain and replace windscreen wipers and wiper blades for Volvo trucks is essential to keeping drivers comfortable. If wipers become worn or faulty, drivers will struggle with visibility, again leading to eye strain, difficulty, and potential danger. Your wipers should be frequently replaced to ensure a clean and unobstructed windscreen. You can find high quality replacement wipers by searching aftermarket parts and accessories for European trucks, or just search on Volvo truck parts and call one of the larger European truck parts suppliers.

Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters for Volvo trucks are designed to prevent spores, pollen, dust, bacteria, fungi, road particles and hazardous diesel soot from entering the cabin through the cabin air intake. You should replace your cabin air filter at least once per year with a genuine Hengst filter or equivalent high quality truck filter product.


Volvo truck parts aren’t just for keeping your engine operational. You can also use them to make your trucks more comfortable and improve the driver experience. Consider investing in the Volvo truck parts listed above to improve what your cabins feel like and improve driver health and satisfaction.

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