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Valeo Cooling System for European Trucks

A leading manufacturer of engine cooling, clutch systems, friction materials and thermal systems, Valeo is one of the world’s leading truck and bus component suppliers. In Europe, they are also a leader in lighting, air conditioning systems, electrical systems and security. When it comes to innovative technologies related to the reduction of CO2 emissions Valeo is a global leader whose aim is to reduce vehicle fuel consumption. By increasing engine performances reducing the energy consumption and using electric propulsion systems, Valeo has been able to reduce the weight of its parts.

Valeo’s origins began in 1923 when it first produced clutch facings and brake linings in a workshop just outside Paris. Fast forward nearly a century and Valeo is a partner to many car and truck manufacturers operating in 29 countries, making it one of the world’s leading aftermarket parts for European trucks suppliers and the biggest clutch manufacturer in the world.

Cooling and air management for trucks:

When it comes to engine cooling in trucks Valeo is a thermal loop specialist offering a product range that includes radiators without frames, radiators, intercoolers and intercooler cores.


A small decrease in the performance of your cooling system increases your vehicles fuel consumption and can prove fatal to some engines. Your truck must be maintained regularly. Maintenance or regular inspections of the truck cooling system is needed to avoid any costly and unexpected repairs. Intercoolers and radiators manufactured by Valeo have been designed to meet all O.E. specifications ensuring you of the best quality, durability, perfect fitting, performance, lower failure rate and lower fuel consumption.


The compressor is the driving force of the cold air selection in your truck air conditioning system, and when it comes to technology it is one of the most complex systems. Thankfully Valeo cooling has developed a range of new compressors that meet everyone’s expectations.

A compressor is designed as either a rotary or piston type, with the piston type the most common. Inside a piston type is a swash plate and a wobble plate. Inside the rotary type, you’ll find scroll or vane technology.

Sorted into three categories DCS, DKV, and DKS all Valeo compressors have been tested following O.E. standards – noise, durability, vibration and leakage and with over 440 parts you will find the compressor that meets your needs. Valeo can meet aftermarket parts for European trucks thanks to the company’s innovations, O.E. expertise, and technological features.

All Valeo compressors are designed and finished perfectly with attention paid to bearings, valves swash plate, pistons and clutch to ensure you receive not only great performance but reliability as well. Valeo has always aimed to reduce noise and vibrations, always keeping the customers/driver’s comfort in mind. If you have been in a crash the compressor must be checked and if you need to replace your compressor, check and flush the A/C loop and change the expansion valve and receiver drier.

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