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Why Valeo Cooling Is Crucial For Reliable Vehicle Operation

When it comes to aftermarket parts for European trucks, it’s important to know what you’re putting in your vehicle. Whether you operate a late model truck or something a bit older, Valeo cooling systems can enhance performance, increase longevity and protect your engine in a variety of ways. Overheating is the cause of many engine failures, either directly or indirectly, so choosing a high-quality cooling system replacement parts helps increase the durability of your whole power train.


What does an intercooler do?

Almost all late generation European, Japanese and American trucks use turbochargers to improve engine performance and operating efficiency, and turbochargers have made truck engine systems more complex, placing greater load on the truck cooling system. Truck engines produce huge amounts of energy. While most of the energy is used to power the vehicle, some is converted to heat. The basic function of truck cooling systems is to remove heat to improve fuel injector efficiency and reduce the risk of your truck engine parts failing.

The truck intercooler cools intake air after it has been compressed by the turbocharger. This is very different to the function of the truck radiator, header tank and radiator hoses that combine with a water pump to circulate coolant that keeps the engine cool.

Sending heat where it needs to go

All vehicles, but particularly trucks used for long-haul operations, require cooling systems to run efficiently. This is because truck engines can reach extremely high temperatures while running, and they need to be kept cool. Overheating can cause significant and costly damage to your engine seals, gaskets, hoses and other engine replacement parts, including many critical components.

So, while using high-quality coolant is important to cool your engine down, the entire system needs to work efficiently for best results. When absorbing heat from your engine your coolant heats up, then runs through the radiator to be cooled. It’s in the radiator that metal plates, tubes and fans cool the liquid down, transferring the heat away from the engine to allow continued smooth operation.

Balanced engine operation

A Valeo cooling system is crucial for maintaining the right balance of energy and heat. It’s the energy and heat produced by your engine that powers the vehicle. So, it’s not possible to just remove all of the heat and keep the engine completely cool. By installing a high-quality cooling system, you can avoid the excessive temperatures that will damage your drive train operation.

Why choose Valeo cooling systems?

Valeo and Behr are the two major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for cooling systems and cooling system parts fitted on European trucks, meaning many of the European trucks on the market already include Valeo systems. When it comes time to replace or repair a cooling system, the best value is achieved with Valeo OEM products. You know that the parts are made specifically for your vehicle, and that significant investment in technology has gone into its production.

The air intake and engine cooling processes are highly complex and require quality parts. Valeo radiators and intercoolers use a folded tube design with a reinforced internal pipe structure. The result is a better heat exchange, and Valeo systems can also work within a broader range of temperatures.

Reduce downtime and repair expenses

Ultimately, your truck is crucial to your business and your income. Repairs are a double-edged sword because you don’t just have the cost of repairs to think about. You’re also losing money while your truck is off the road. Depending on how long the repairs take, you could lose thousands of dollars in income. Always invest in quality aftermarket parts for European trucks, and reap the benefits of longevity.

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