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Valeo Clutch Kit

Each time you start or stop your vehicle, change the gears or control the vehicle while making a turn at low speeds, there is a crucial component that makes sure you can do this successfully. This component, known as a clutch, applies to every vehicle with a manual transmission be it Kenworth, Mack, Man or Mercedes truck. The truck clutch transmits power from the engine to the gearbox, allowing power to release during gear change. The friction generated between the flywheel, pressure plate and clutch disc when the clutch is operated creates heat and wear, and the hotter the clutch disc gets the quicker it wears.

The basic point here is that your clutch can fail and you may need to replace it. You can achieve this with a clutch kit and one of the highest quality kits you can use is the Valeo Clutch Kit.

Why You Should Consider Valeo Clutch Kit

The Valeo clutch kit includes a complete range of all components you need including driven plates, cover assembly and release bearings. It can be used for commercial vehicles including medium to heavy trucks that weigh up to 44 tons.

The following are different Valeo Clutch kit technologies.

Focus Twin disc

Focus Twin disc is a complete range of twin disc kits specially made for trucks dedicated to public works. This type of Valeo clutch kit provides an increased wear capacity, making it more durable. Aside from this, there is an opportunity for higher heat transfer between the two discs.

Self-Adjusting Technology

Valeo clutch kit has self-adjusting technology. With this technology and design, it is suitable for more powerful engines, new lifetime specifications, and longer ratios. Indeed, this is a revolutionary technology; it also helps improve pedal comfort and increase clutch life.

This solution makes use of self-adjusting wear compensation directly on the pressure plate. With this, you can maintain a constant effort throughout the clutch’s lifetime.

High-Efficiency Clutch

Valeo clutch kit provides an aftermarket solution that is highly efficient, effective and can last for a long time. This efficiency can largely be attributed to the low wear friction technology.

Your Much Desired Clutch Kit

Whatever your truck brand or vehicle, a Valeo clutch kit may be the best option for you. Self-evident in its qualities and the fact that it can serve as a high-quality aftermarket solution for your clutch.  It has been proven to be good for Mitsubishi, Nissan, DAF, IVECO, SCANIA and VOLVO trucks among many others.

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