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Truck and Trailer parts: Braking System Maintenance

High-quality truck and trailer replacement parts are crucial for safety, but the braking system is particularly critical – especially since the mandating of EBS, or Electronic Braking Systems. Regular inspection and maintenance of the braking system are essential to ensure that the performance of the brakes remains within design parameters. The braking system in a truck or trailer must be able to stop heavy loads quickly and safely, even under extreme conditions.

truck and trailer parts braking system maintenance

The right tools, diagnostic equipment and aftermarket parts you will need to maintain and repair the braking system on your American, European and Japanese trucks and trailers are readily available in the market, provided you follow some basic rules.

Here, we take a closer look at some of the most important elements of braking system maintenance, including the essential truck brake components.

Why Is Braking System Maintenance Crucial for Truck and Trailer Parts?

Regular maintenance of the braking system is essential in order to ensure the safety of drivers and other road users. Over time, brake pads, discs, calipers, linings, drums and other components can wear down due to frequent activation, and eventually they will not be able to provide the same level of stopping power as when they were first fitted. By carrying out regular maintenance and repairs, all trucks and trailers can continue to stop as quickly and safely as possible.

What Is An EBS?

An EBS, or Electronic Braking System, is a computer-controlled braking system that is designed to maximise stopping power by constantly and finely adjusting the braking effort. Unlike traditional brake systems, EBS systems are able to respond quickly and accurately to changes in road conditions, such as slippery surfaces or sudden stops.

While EBS systems do self-adjust, they still require regular maintenance checks, and unlike on a conventional truck and trailer braking system, you will require a diagnostic system to check and clear fault codes. The best available universal truck and trailer diagnostic system in Australia and New Zealand is Jaltest Diagnostics, which provides comprehensive diagnostics for all the leading EBS systems, including Wabco, Knorr-Bremse and Haldex.

What Components Should Be Included in Regular Maintenance Checks?

When carrying out regular maintenance and repairs on truck or trailer parts, and the braking system in particular, there are several components that should be checked to ensure that they are in full working order. These include:

Brake Linings and Hoses

Start your inspection with a visual check of the brake linings and brake hoses. Look for any signs of cracks, fraying or other damage that could cause the failure of a brake hose, and check the wear of your brake linings or brake pads against inbuilt wear indicators. If you spot any issues, they should be replaced as soon as possible. Contact your diesel mechanic, or you can search online for replacement parts using keywords like European truck parts, Japanese truck parts, American truck parts or truck and trailer parts.

Brake Drums and Discs

It’s also important to check brake drums and brake discs for signs of excessive wear or crazing. If you spot issues, they should be replaced as soon as possible. Brake shoes and brake pads are critical truck and trailer parts and must be checked and replaced as instructed by the vehicle manufacturer. The best way to find brake drums and brake discs on the Internet is by searching for aftermarket parts for American trucks, European trucks or Japanese trucks. Searching on your truck model, such as Canter brake parts or Dutro brake parts, will work for some models but not all and may not return the best supplier options.

EBS Modules

If your vehicle is fitted with an EBS system, you should check the EBS modules and sensors periodically. These components are responsible for controlling the braking system and need to be checked regularly to ensure they are working correctly. This is where you will need
Jaltest Diagnostics or an equivalent aftermarket diagnostic system with equal capability.

Final Thoughts

Regular maintenance and repairs of truck and trailer parts are essential in order to ensure that a vehicle performs as intended under all conditions – and the braking system is perhaps the most critical area for regular attention. If any parts of the braking system are worn or damaged, they should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid potential safety risks.

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