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Stemco Platinum Performance System for Trucks

Commercial vehicle safety in Australia is an important subject. The country’s heavy dependence on road transport makes it paramount that every vehicle on the road adheres to strict safety standards. Complying with the national safety regulations can save lives and valuable cargo.

To keep your truck in optimal condition, you must maintain a regular servicing schedule. It is also vital that you have ready access to quality aftermarket truck parts. This article features the Stemco Platinum Performance System for trucks. Read on if you would like to know more about Stemco’s innovative safe driving solutions.

Who is Stemco?

Stemco is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that also provides original fit and high-quality aftermarket parts for American and European trucks. The name, Stemco, is an acronym for ‘Specialized Truck Equipment Manufacturing Company’. Founded in St. Charles, Missouri, in 1951, Stemco has grown into a world leader in commercial vehicle safety. In 1958, Stemco established operations at its current location in Longview, Texas.

Today, the company boasts over 820 employees dedicated to solving safety and reliability challenges in the commercial vehicle industry.

What is The Platinum Performance System?

The Platinum Performance System or PPS is a collection of solutions that work in synergy to enhance the reliability and efficiency of Stemco’s high-performing wheel end systems. The PPS has vast OEM and aftermarket applications that can boost the confidence of truck drivers and fleet operators across the globe. Below are some of the defining features of the Stemco PPS.

1.      Unrivalled warranties

The Stemco PPS solutions feature the industry’s leading warranties. Stemco aftermarket PPS warranties extend to five years, while their OEM warranties cover seven years for truck and trailer parts. Stemco warranties include OEM replacement components, labour and aftermarket parts. In addition, the PPS provides a 1-hour per wheel-end labour warranty coverage.

2.      Less downtime

The PPS solutions are optimised for exceptional reliability. Their durability and high performance reduce the need for servicing and repairs. Moreover, the PPS Trifecta has quick wheel end replacement protocols that minimise downtime significantly.

3.      Improved Profits

In the commercial transportation industry, profits depend on your ability to manage your overhead expenses. The combination of warranty coverage, extended service life, and low maintenance requirements significantly reduces your truck operating costs. These lower operating costs will improve your business profit.

PPS Compatible Components

The Stemco PPS solutions consist of a special collection of wheel-end components. Stemco develops some of the lightest and best performing wheel-end parts for trucks across the globe. Below are a few Stemco wheel-end components that feature among the PPS solutions:

–          Stemco Heavy-Duty bearings

–          Stemco Hub Cap with Plug

–          Guardian® HP and Discover® Hub Seals

–          Pro-Torq® and Zip-Torq® Axle Spindle Nuts

To summarise, Australia’s truck industry is among the most competitive in the world. To maintain a competitive edge, you need efficient trucks with minimal downtime. Stemco aftermarket PPS provides solutions that can enhance the output of your fleet while lowering your operational costs. Ready access to quality aftermarket parts for American and European trucks enhances the reliability and profit potential of your trucking business.

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