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Reliable and High-Quality DEPO Lights

Australia and New Zealand have a dynamic and competitive commercial vehicle industry that demands high quality replacement parts. When it comes to lighting, drivers encounter a variety of visibility challenges when navigating the long highways and manoeuvring through off-road tracks. Such visibility challenges increase during dark hours and in extreme weather conditions such as mist, storms, and strong winds. Transporters need reliable lighting solutions to enhance visibility and safety.

DEPO Lights is an innovative organisation that produces lighting solutions for several types of vehicles, including late generation truck lighting applications. High-quality lights that improve visibility will also enhance a drivers’ response time and confidence on the road.

This article focuses on the history, culture and solutions offered by Depo Lights. Read on if you want to know more about the company and its lighting solutions for trucks.

The company

DEPO Lights is a leading light truck light manufacturer. The company aims to be the best brand in the innovation of truck lighting components and is a high-quality brand well known in the Japanese truck market. In Australia and New Zealand, DEPO provides affordable lighting systems for all models of Fuso, Hino, Isuzu and UD Trucks.


The name DEPO is the abbreviation of “DEer POrt”, a small town with a rich traditional culture of central Taiwan. The brand name embraces the town’s spirit and sustainability mentality.

DEPO employees work to attain the company ethos to achieve “Perfect Auto Lamp, Perfect Safety”. The company philosophy was developed under the leadership of the company’s Chairman, DEPO Hsu. The company has upheld the vision of its founders to maintain its status as a leading provider of reliable, affordable and innovative lighting solutions.

DEPO is an award-winning brand with accolades such as “TAIWAN TOP 20 Global Brands” and the Taipei AMPA Innovation Award. Today, DEPO is among the most recognisable Taiwanese brands. Through its commitment to quality and market adaptation, the brand has a reported value of about 50 million dollars.

Why Use DEPO lights

DEPO lights stand for integrity and honesty. All products meet the CAPA standard of approval – the Certified Automotive Parts Association. This certification provides specifications for several aspects of product compliance, some of which are listed below.

–           Dimensional Checks

–           Product composition and appearance

–           Coating, photometric and electrical performance

DEPO Products also comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 for advanced road safety. Below is a list of a few other quality assurance certifications that DEPO lighting products meet:

–           ISO 9001, ISO 14001

–           TS 16949

–           ECE Certification

–           SAE/DOT Certification

DEPO also has a close involvement with the bus industry, providing high-quality alternatives to original equipment, but it’s business is built on high quality aftermarket truck parts.. DEPO lights has also developed several aftermarket truck electronic parts.

Through its innovative culture, DEPO provides cutting edge technology to enhance safety in the trucking industry. The company’s products feature in most of the leading trucks used in Australia and New Zealand. Its aftermarket distribution network also reduces waiting periods and unplanned downtime significantly.

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