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New COR Laws To Boost Heavy Vehicle Safety

In mid-2018 there is new Chain of Responsibility laws coming into effect for Australia’s heavy vehicle industry.

Kym Farquharson-Jones the National Heavy Vehicle Register’s Chain of Responsibility manager has been travelling around the country outlining these new changes to many of the 165,000 businesses that make up the heavy vehicle supply chain.

Everyone in the supply chain has a role to play when it comes to heavy vehicle safety and this is a significant step forward in recognising this. Also playing an important role are primary producers, they need to support safe, and reliable road transport to all road users particularly heavy …

Improve the Federal Interstate Registration Scheme.

The ATA says keep federal interstate truck registration
The Chair of the Australian Trucking Association has stated that the trucking industry has plans to oppose the Government’s decision to increase the stamp duty burden imposed on operators by closing the Federal Interstate Registration Scheme.

The government has introduced legislation to parliament that will abolish the Federal Interstate Registration Scheme. This will remove all the stamp duty exemptions placed on the hardworking trucking operators who deliver Australia’s interstate trade and increase their tax burden.

Even though the government has proposed a *one-off* stamp duty exemption to existing Federal Interstate Registration Scheme vehicles, this exemption …

ProVia Wheel Speed Sensors

WABCO Develops New ProVia Wheel Speed Sensors
As trailer trucks have multiple wheels, it’s vital that they are all synchronised in their pace and function to ensure road safety.

This can be especially crucial when a driver moves from partial to all-wheel drive, or when the driver shifts gears. Wheel speed sensors are an essential part of this process. ProVia wheel speed sensors. They come in 17 variants that cut across 105 of OEM trucks.

ProVia sensors guarantee full safety and come with a lifetime promise of reliability. They are electronic parts that measure the rate of rotation of the truck’s wheel

Another WABCO Update

WABCO Updates its ProVia Cab Levelling Valves
Over the years, WABCO has established itself as a quality supplier of truck parts. Since many consumers associate quality with high cost, WABCO took a step to assuage their concerns and make itself more accessible. In 2016, it introduced the ProVia line of high quality, low-cost vehicle parts. It offers the heavy vehicle industry premium parts at budget prices.

Like all ProVia parts, these cab levelling valves have a long shelf life. They are made from polymers and robust ceramics that can function for a long time before they require replacement. They also need …

Premium Parts At Affordable Prices

WABCO Upgrades its ProVia Clutch Servos

While an increasing number of passenger vehicles are going automatic and electric, trucks still require manual operation. The weight, bulk, and complexity require a skilled driver who knows both the truck and the roads. And since the clutch is the centre of any manual vehicle, compliant clutch servos become a critical truck component.
When it comes to truck parts in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch suppliers swear by ProVia clutch servos. This budget brand from WABCO offers superior quality and pocket-friendly prices. The …

Clean Air With Hengst Cabin Filters

Hengst sets new standard with cabin filters
Trucks, as well as cars, have come a long way in terms of comfort and convenience. In addition to enhanced engine power and improved fuel efficiency, certain luxury features are now considered standard. These features are being improved every day, to enhance your driving experience. For instance, car sickness can be significantly reduced by properly maintained cabin filters.

Car sickness isn’t just a result of motion. It can be triggered by petrol fumes and other odours which cause nausea. Using high-quality vehicle components can significantly reduce this problem. Cabin filters, in particular, go a long …

Commitment To Road Reform Is Finally Here

ATA Welcomes Road Reforms Engagement
Recently the Australian Government’s commitment to engaging with the trucking industry on road reforms was welcomed by Geoff Crouch, Chair of the Australian Trucking Association.

Mr Crouch stated – *Road reform is complex, and the Australian Trucking Association welcomes the Government’s commitment to engage with the industry – on the National Heavy Vehicle Charging Pilot*.

Initially, the pilot is due to run through to 2020 with a commitment to include the chance for heavy vehicle operators to both influence and test the system. Of course, there will be a range of issues that will need to be worked …

New to the Wabco Collection

Wabco Product Update
When it comes to trailers the ability to monitor a range of conditions and functions is important, after all, the goal of every truck owner is to reduce the costs associated with operating a truck while improving the efficiency of the truck on the road. Previously if you wanted to monitor a function, it was achieved by either a multi-purpose device, which was often difficult to use or through a trailer mounted device.

New to the Wabco collection is the Wabco Smartboard; this device combines all the functions of a range of trailer monitoring …

The All New Levelling Valve

WABCO introduces new levelling valve
For heavy vehicles getting the right parts is essential. One slip up on the road could lead to massive fatalities and property damage. To make matters worse, using unsanctioned parts can void a warranty and cause problems with your insurance claims. You should always get compliant parts and have them correctly installed.

The question is: how can you tell the parts are ‘right’? If you’re hunting for truck parts, mechanics and industry insiders will suggest that you begin with trusted brands like WABCO.

If you approach an authorised aftermarket parts outlet, you can get original WABCO, Hino, …

Volvo’s 60,000 Vehicles

Volvo’s Truck Manufacturing in Queensland Hits 60,000 Vehicles
With other vehicle manufacturing plants closing across Australia, you wouldn’t think that in another part of Australia that operations are kicking it into high gear. But, in fact, that is definitely the case in one small town in Queensland – Wacol. In this town, something a little bit remarkable in the current climate has happened. Vehicle manufacturing is stepping it up a notch.

At the Volvo Group Australia’s production facility, they’ve recently celebrated hitting 60,000 trucks being produced in the plant. While the regular car industry has slowed production to a halt, the truck …

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