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New Kenworth’s On Their Way

Some new Kenworth’s are on their way – just in time for the Brisbane truck show and, according to Ross Cureton Paccar’s Director of Product Planning, there could be some new models from Paccar also appearing.

The NatRoad Conference on Hamilton Island was held in December 2018 and while Ross didn’t go into too many details, we know that a bigger cabin for the T610 will be making an appearance. This could mean that the new truck designs will include the extension of the re-engineering that created the T610 have been applied to the smaller T4’s and larger T9’s. This process is an integration of a common cabin across the range from Kenworth. This will not only streamline the whole production process, but it also means the Kenworth range will look similar no matter which Kenworth you drive. This is great for those looking for high-quality aftermarket Kenworth spares.

It’s probable that the T410 will go through a process similar to the T610 where the cabin is moved forward over the engine minimising BBC dimensions to leave room for a sleeper, or equipment behind the classic cabin.

There is also a chance that Kenworth will be more conservative in the way they approach the T9. The current T909 is not likely to be superseded but a new design may come through in the T910 option, at least for the first few years. When it comes to building *heritage* models like the T950 Kenworth have had great success.

At the *lighter end* of the Kenworth range, the future for the T3 models also look like they have reached the end of the line and might be redesigned into an extended T410 range using a GVM engine and dimensions and options to cover all of the requirements below the T610 range for future Kenworth buyers.

The new model that is being built in the Paccar site in Victoria may include a DAF. In Bayswater, the CF85 is being built, so it is possible that another model could join some of the options already available in the European truck market.

All these developments are happening to coincide with Paccar’s announcement that they are doubling their manufacturing facility at Bayswater. The current rectangular building will be turned into an L shape with all truck parts to arrive at one receiving end and all new DAF’s and Kenworth’s will be delivered at the end of the new facility.

This investment is expected to enhance the capacity of DAF and Kenworth producing even more trucks than they currently do, allowing the company to reduce waiting times for new custom built products. The facility is presently manufacturing 15 new Kenworth’s every day.


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