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Isuzu New Zealand Launching a new light-duty range

“In Q4 of 2018, Isuzu trucks will be releasing an upgrade for its extremely popular light-duty truck range – the N-Series. The current N-Series range of light trucks by Isuzu is the perfect truck for *everybody*. The N-Series itself is smart and versatile, with a variety of efficient and powerful engines available as a 4×4, crew-cab or ready-to-go-tipper models, all this and a well-equipped and comfortable cab. So high-quality aftermarket truck parts will continue to be in high demand for Isuzu trucks.

If you are looking for a new truck, the N-series is an intelligent truck, and, don’t forget the amazing after sales care. Isuzu Care is without a doubt the most comprehensive care programme ever seen in New Zealand, with a range of support services that are setting new industry trends. The launch of the new N-Series model will certainly help Isuzu continue as a market leader. For 19 years Isuzu’s sale success has seen it claim top spot 18 years in a row, and by years end they expect to be market leaders for the 19th straight year.

These new models will be able to offer owners a range of unique advantages, with features none of their competition has makeing the N-Series the most cost-effective and easiest to operate light truck on the market today.

Isuzu Trucks New Zealand general manager Colin Muir stated *We first drove pre-production trucks in early 2017 and since then have been working with Isuzu in Japan to fine-tune the new model for local application. These vehicles were tested extensively in Australia, a process attended by Isuzu New Zealand technical and sales personnel, meaning they’re ready to go when they launch here later this year*. For over 27 years the Isuzu N-Series has been Australia’s number one light truck and it’s easy to see why. Thanks to performance, driveability, safety, low operating costs, comfort, availability of high-quality Isuzu truck parts, productivity and reliability.

The current N-Series is anything but basic with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automated manual transmission, and short or medium wheelbases. Twin rear-view mirrors are heated and powered with integrated spotters. The steering wheel lifts and telescopes at a touch allowing you to spend the day driving at a position that’s comfortable for you. With cruise control and automatic climate control, you are guaranteed to stay cool or warm throughout your workday.

For the delivery driver who may be in and out of your truck all day, the Isuzu N-Series have remote and key-less entry and locking. When you are in and out of the truck all day, you’ll find it is a feature you can appreciate.

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