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The Importance of Quality Clutch Parts

All truck parts are important, each playing its role in the many truck systems. Clutches are critical to the smooth operation of the drive train and play an important role in low wear and fuel efficient driving. Clutch failure doesn’t just lead to expensive repairs, it also puts your vehicle out of action exposing you to all the costs associated with lost productivity. So, if something goes wrong with your clutch, it’s best not to take risks.

Clutch Parts


Since the introduction of OE quality clutch products to the aftermarket, the cost of a replacement clutch has dropped significantly and these days most truck repairers will fix a worn or failed clutch by fitting a new clutch kit. Truck clutch kits from the leading aftermarket truck parts suppliers contain all the components required for a full clutch replacement, and in almost all circumstances they provide the lowest cost, lowest risk option for clutch repair.

Of course, you can also buy the specific parts you need. By choosing quality aftermarket truck parts, you can avoid the risk of a repeat clutch failure and all of the parts and labour costs that go with a second repair. When it comes to clutches, choosing high quality manufacturers further increases your chance of remaining problem-free in the future.

The key components of a clutch

There are five main components in your clutch:

  • Flywheel
  • Pressure plate
  • Clutch disc or friction disc
  • Throw out bearing
  • Release system

Like all truck parts, these are subject to wear and tear over time, so it’s not unlikely that you’ll need to replace  some of these parts over the life of your truck. However, it’s the way you choose your replacement parts that makes all the difference to whole of life cost, and that’s why most repairers replace with a clutch kit.

Save money on clutch failures

When you think about saving money on truck parts, it’s not always about finding the cheapest option. Sure, cheap truck parts may get you back on the road – but for how long? What you should look for is value for money. If you buy a clutch part for half the price, but it only lasts a year when a quality product would last 5, you’re not really saving money at all. In fact, when add in the cost of the labour to remove and fit a clutch, cheaper products will substantially increase your repair costs over the life of your truck.

If a quality truck part costs you a little more, it’s worth it in the long run. Cheap truck parts don’t always last, and they’re not always built to the correct specifications. If a replacement clutch isn’t up to the job for your truck, you’ll be looking at another clutch failure pretty quickly. So, you can spend a little more now and get the job done right, or you can take the risk with cheap clutch parts for trucks and likely be back for more repairs pretty soon.

Reducing downtime

The other important reason to choose quality truck parts is reducing downtime. No matter how you make your income through your vehicle, being off the road costs you money. Every time you’ve got a mechanical issue with your truck, it stops you from working and earning an income. While a day off here and there sounds nice, you’ll feel the pinch if it happens regularly.

Quality truck parts, especially ones from original equipment manufacturers, are built to complement your truck. So, this means less risk of breakdowns and failures and less time off the road.

Look for leading manufacturers and brands

Always try to find parts from original equipment clutch component manufacturers like Sachs, Exedy, Wabco, ValeoKongsberg and Spicer. These products are made to exact specifications and are thoroughly tested to ensure durability and performance. It might cost you slightly more upfront, but you’ll reap the rewards when you don’t have another clutch failure in 12 months.

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