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Hengst Filter Media News

When you are looking for Nissan UD spare parts, Volvo truck spare parts, or virtually any truck model’s parts, it’s worth knowing that the Hengst product portfolio contains over 2,500 part numbers. This includes over 180 different filter media and another 70 filter media combinations to produce those 2500-part numbers.

This guarantees that those looking for truck spare parts are able to buy a filter that offers maximum performance, and they are buying a good value part. Hengst has a different filter or filter media combination for every 10 filter part numbers. You cannot get a better variety of replacement filters for your truck.

Hengst is using a tailor-made approach to Scania parts as there are only a few paper filter manufacturers worldwide who can develop OE specific filtration media together with Hengst. Thanks to this huge investment teamed with Hengst’s know-how this means you are guaranteed of the quality of all Hengst filter media spare parts.

Watch the Hengst video to discover more.

The filter has a multilayer filter perfect for high particle contamination and dusty environments, with a coarse filter stage, a fine filter stage and a support layer, 3 layers working hand in hand to filter as many contaminants for a higher filter efficiency, increased mileage, customisable filter media combinations to suit your specific truck spare parts needs and an energetic filter that is both easy to maintain and most importantly environmentally friendly.

Those multilayers consist of

  1. Cellulose for particle separation
  2. Fleece enlarge droplets
  3. Hydrophobic sieve to separate water

When you buy a Hengst spare part for your truck, you are buying a quality part that has been engineered to be robust and good-value.

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