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FUSO’s Built Ready Wide Cab Tipper Has Gained an Extra Tonne of Capacity

Great news for lovers of Fuso’s built ready wide cab canter tippers range as they now come with a massive extra one tonne of capacity. This is a big bonus and upgrade especially for those who rely on needing to or wanting to be able to carry that little extra load.

Thanks to a range of upgrades, Fuso engineers have been able to enlarge the Gross Vehicle Mass and increase it by 7.5 tonnes and the Gross Combination Mass has risen to an incredible 11 tonnes. Fuso recently confirmed that the upgraded wide cab canter tipper has also had an upgrade increasing it’s cubic carrying capacity by more than 14% to 2.4 cubic metres.

This new enhancement has been achieved thanks to an increase in the length of the tipper body by 300mm now giving the wide cab canter tipper a new body length measurement of 3150mm. Thanks to a larger hydraulic lift, cylinder tipping has been made even easier and now runs at a higher pressure of 8.0MPA and with a revision to the tipper hoist stroke, this means there is a new maximum tipping angle of 60 degrees – that’s up 5 degrees from the current model.

Justin Whitford who is Fuso’s Truck and Bus Director stated *The Fuso tipper models are well known for their durability and toughness. We are pleased to announce these upgrades to the Wide Cab Canter Tipper, which will mean a lot to drivers delivering load after load who will enjoy a further boost in productivity. *

For maximum durability the wide cab canter tipper also features an I-beam front axle, Fusos are also known for their durable, toughness and high-quality aftermarket Fuso parts. The new wide cab canter tipper is available in both Fusco’s quick-shifting automated DCT Transmission or with a manual gearbox, with the choice of transmission not affecting the GCM or GVM rating of the vehicle.

All of the canter tipper models can be specified with a 4.5-tonne GVM certification, and this means they can be driven on a car license while still providing the driver with a useable payload due to the Canters low tar weight. Assisting with traction are chunky rear tyres that have been designed especially for slippery job sites. Both the Wide Cab Canter Tipper and it’s smaller narrow-body City Cab sibling are the only Japanese Tippers in their class to have Limited Slip Differential as standard.

These are a part of the recently expanded Fuso Built Ready range. This range includes eight different models that can be purchased with bodies already fitted, which will save new customers from those long waiting times. Canter tippers are covered by Fuso’s generous manufacturer warranty for 200,000km or 5 years, whichever comes first, with the Ready Built models available as Canter Tippers, fridge trucks, Pantech’s and trays as well as the larger tautliners and Fighter tippers. Aftermarket Canter parts are well stocked and widely available.

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