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Exedy Clutches for Heavy and Commercial Vehicles

The clutch of your heavy or commercial vehicle is crucial to the overall operation of the transmission. If your clutch is performing poorly, it becomes harder to change gears, and more importantly, can lead to significant transmission problems that are costly to repair. As such, it makes sense to look for quality when choosing replacement clutches and clutch parts for your truck.

Exedy manufactures aftermarket clutches and clutch parts for most American and European trucks. They’re an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), meaning they build clutches to material specifications so you can find the perfect components for your vehicle. Here’s why choosing Exedy is a great decision for European or American trucks.

Who is Exedy?

Exedy was founded in Japan back in 1923, and its clutch manufacturing arm, Daikin Clutch, is known throughout the world. Thanks to its commitment to innovation, Exedy is the leading manufacturer of clutches and powertrain components globally. With 44 operations around the world and more than 18,000 people employed in 25 countries, Exedy has an impressive share of the market.

Exedy’s relationship with Australia began in 1995 when the Clutcho company joined forces with Exedy (then known as Daikin Manufacturing). This alliance helped the brand to grow into the Australian market, and the name was changed to Exedy Australia in 2000.

The Truck Tuff range

The Truck Tuff range from Exedy is undeniably built to last. Using high-quality materials and components to create clutches and clutch parts for most European and American trucks, Exedy is one of the most respected OEMs in Australia. Some of the key features of the Truck Tuff range include:

· High clamp loads that handle heavy loads.

· A choice of organic or cerametallic friction material.

· The option of 7, 8, 9 or 10 spring centre clutch plates.

· Large cover assembly windows for maximum heat dispersion.

· Torque limiting brake and drive pins are included (where applicable).

· Only uses the highest quality springs and dampening mechanisms to reduce shock.

· Torque ratings from 1150 ft/lbs to 2250 ft/lbs.

· The EXEDY range covers lever and spring, push or pull type diaphragm cover assemblies together with clutch discs with organic or cerametallic friction materials.

Most impressively, Exedy’s Truck Tuff range is made specifically for Australian conditions. The company understands the Australian conditions that drivers deal with on a daily basis, and they manufacture their clutches accordingly.

The importance of quality truck and bus clutch parts

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to clutches, and indeed all aftermarket truck parts, is reliability. Should your clutch start to experience problems, it’s essential that you have the issue looked at as soon as possible. Replacing clutch parts and components may save you the cost of replacing the entire clutch.

By extension, clutch problems that are left untreated can cause further problems with the transmission, which is another extremely costly expense. These expenses can be avoided by performing the proper maintenance on your vehicle and acquiring high-quality OEM parts.

The other significant reason to use quality clutch parts is to reduce downtime. For most fleet managers, truck owners and truck drivers, the status of their vehicles are linked heavily to income. If your truck isn’t on the road, you’re not generating the income you could be. The more involved and expensive your repairs, the more time your truck is off the road and costing you money.

Ultimately, by choosing Exedy clutches and clutch parts for your European and American trucks, you can have peace of mind that you’re buying quality.

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