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Shock Absorbers for Trucks and Buses

Shock absorbers are vehicle suspension systems that dampen the vibrations caused by driving on uneven terrain. The shock absorbers extend and retract to balance pressure and maximise the contact between your truck’s wheels and the ground. This contact enhances the control, stability and performance of your truck.

Shock Absorbers for Trucks and Buses

Shock absorbers also absorb the inertia created when applying the brakes and transporting imbalanced cargo. In New Zealand, quality shock absorbers keep buses stable when maneuvering the country’s undulating roads….

Exedy Clutches for Heavy and Commercial Vehicles

The clutch of your heavy or commercial vehicle is crucial to the overall operation of the transmission. If your clutch is performing poorly, it becomes harder to change gears, and more importantly, can lead to significant transmission problems that are costly to repair. As such, it makes sense to look for quality when choosing replacement clutches and clutch parts for your truck.

Exedy manufactures aftermarket clutches and clutch parts for most American and European trucks. They’re an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), meaning …

Upgrading to Hendrickson Air Suspensions

There is plenty of truck suspension technology on the market, but perhaps the most impressive and sought-after is air suspension. Compared to traditional leaf spring suspension, air spring technology provides better efficiency, a smoother ride, more driver comfort and increased load versatility.

Hendrickson has a long history in the truck components industry, and their main product line is air suspension for trucks and trailers. If you’re looking to upgrade your truck suspension with original equipment truck parts or aftermarket …

Euroricambi Rebuild Components for Trucks

When looking for quality, long-lasting drivetrain components, you need trusted brands that you can rely on. Euroricambi is one of the largest manufacturers of aftermarket parts in the world, and they specialise in gears, gearbox parts and differential parts for American, European and Japanese trucks. Commercial trucks need the very best parts to stay in great working condition longer. It means less downtime, more efficient operation and ultimately, increased profits for your business.


Below, we take a look at Euroricambi rebuild components …

Understanding Truck System Diagnostic Tools

Why are truck diagnostics important?

Truck diagnostics make it much easier to identify the source of problems and isolate any issues. Modern vehicle electronic control units (ECU) produce a range of codes, often called ‘trouble codes’ when something isn’t operating correctly. The diagnostic tool reads these codes and provides you with easy-to-understand information about your truck’s faults.


Simple diagnostic readers only have the capability of displaying the trouble codes, and you then need to do a little research yourself to determine what …

Why Valeo Cooling Is Crucial For Reliable Vehicle Operation

When it comes to aftermarket parts for European trucks, it’s important to know what you’re putting in your vehicle. Whether you operate a late model truck or something a bit older, Valeo cooling systems can enhance performance, increase longevity and protect your engine in a variety of ways. Overheating is the cause of many engine failures, either directly or indirectly, so choosing a high-quality cooling system replacement parts helps increase the durability of your whole power train.

What does an intercooler do?
Almost all late generation European, Japanese …

The Importance of Quality Clutch Parts

All truck parts are important, each playing its role in the many truck systems. Clutches are critical to the smooth operation of the drive train and play an important role in low wear and fuel efficient driving. Clutch failure doesn’t just lead to expensive repairs, it also puts your vehicle out of action exposing you to all the costs associated with lost productivity. So, if something goes wrong with your clutch, it’s best not to take risks.

Clutch Parts


Since the introduction of OE quality clutch products to the aftermarket, the cost of a replacement …

Benefits of Valeo Radiators for Engine Cooling Systems

Cooling systems are an integral part of any truck’s operation, and the radiator forms a huge part of that. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, Valeo is considered one of the world’s leading experts in cooling systems for heavy-duty vehicles. In this article, we’ll explore who Valeo is, why radiators are so important and why using Valeo radiators for your heavy-duty vehicles is the smart choice.

Who is Valeo?
The Valeo Group is known worldwide as both an original equipment manufacturer and one of the leading suppliers of quality …

Elring Gaskets for Trucks

A gasket is a flexible elastomeric material that creates a fluid and gas tight seal between two joined surfaces.  Vehicle and engine manufacturers use gaskets to seal bolted joints.

Elring Gaskets for Trucks

In heavy vehicles, gaskets are used for several sealing applications. These include engine blocks, pump systems, gearboxes, turbochargers and other truck parts, whether on European, American or Japanese trucks. This article focuses on the Elring gasket solutions available for trucks in Australia and New Zealand. Read on if you would like to find out more.
Why Use Elring Gaskets?
The history of ElringKlinger …

The Benefits of Garrett Turbochargers

When you need aftermarket parts for Japanese and European trucks, you should only settle for the best. That’s where Garrett Turbochargers come in. For superior performance and durability, Garrett is the dominant force in turbochargers for Hino and Isuzu trucks. In fact, they’re one of the world’s leading manufacturers of turbochargers for most Japanese and European trucks.


Turbochargers for commercial vehicles have become crucial in the race to lower emissions while increasing efficiency. With advanced technology, …

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