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Multispares is an independent company providing mainstream distribution for aftermarket truck and bus parts. Our products are sourced from leading manufacturers and specialist suppliers in all regions of the world.

Quality comes first at Multispares. We are a public company with a proper sense of ethical and social responsibility. We stand behind the quality of our products, especially their reliability and durability in service.

Keeping prices low is important to our customers. So we work hard to eliminate unnecessary costs and we buy in the right quantities to reduce our prices. At home we run a fully integrated distribution network that allows us to efficiently import, distribute and hold stock close to customers. The result is lower prices on high quality products. If you find any Multispares product that isn’t competitively priced then tell us and we’ll fix it!

Professional service that reduces downtime and makes us easy to deal with helps our customers reduce their operating costs. That’s why we have a national Hotline with parts outlets placed around the country. Product development staff are constantly extending our in-house catalogue to speed up our ability to interpret customer requirements. MultiPIT brings this catalogue directly to your PC allowing you to interpret parts and buy online 24/7, without picking up the phone.

After more than 40 years the Multispares Mission is clear and unchanged. Today and tomorrow, we aim to provide:

“Quality Parts with Professional Service at Competitive Prices”.