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Recently, Wabco has been releasing a lot of new and exciting news. As there is a growing number of vehicles equipped with Automated Manual Transmissions, Wabco is expanding its portfolio of repair kits and available Mercedes spare parts to meet the needs of the high-quality aftermarket Mercedes truck spare parts market. With two new repair kits for the 2-position cylinder, Wabco has closed the gap in the repair options for the Mercedes AMT 3rd generation. The kits have been available since August this year and include the 2 Mechanical kit and the 2 Sealing kit.

For Wabco customers this means repairs are effortless and straightforward as the AMT devices are located on the outer surface of the transmission. This also helps stop leaks into the Electronic Control Unit which can add up to some costly repairs.

Wabco is offering an air processing unit for European trucks. Of course, a braking system can’t function without both brake valves and a compressor. There are many functions integrated into an APU (Air processing Unit) or E-APU (Electronic Air Processing Unit) to make sure air is dried and cleaned before passing to the brake values, and that the whole air system continues to function properly over the long term.

Wabco offers a comprehensive range of air dryers and APUs. If your air dryer is poorly maintained issues including moisture penetrating into reservoirs and valves can cause corrosion, which can remain undetected for a long time and cause the failure of connected devices in the form of flash rust. The moisture that stays in these reservoirs reduces the volume of storage and therefore the number of brake operations that are possible while the engine is at a standstill or when the compressor fails. Drivers rely on the function of the air dryer and rarely use the drain valves of the reservoirs Lubrication fin the compressor results in small amounts of oil entering the compressed air space and this oil burns when heat is generated A lot of this combustion can be filtered out by the range of replaceable cartridges from the Wabco high-quality aftermarket European truck parts portfolio.

Wabco has released compressors for Mercedes Benz, and it’s possible to exchange Voith air compressors in Mercedes Benz trucks with the OM 457 engines with Wabco compressors. This is another addition to the high-quality aftermarket Mercedes Benz truck spares range.

Wabco is a specialist in compressed air braking systems and the major vehicle manufacturers use a comprehensive range of Wabco braking products. The new Volvo B5LH Bus chassis list has just been released. The new high-quality aftermarket Volvo parts supplied by Wabco include a directional control valve, safety valve, 2 filter cartridge, spring brake, sensor, pressure limiting valve and an overflow valve.

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