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Textar Brake Pads for Trucks

The quality and condition of your brakes have a significant impact on your truck’s performance. A truck with an efficient braking system is easier to control in a variety of challenging driving conditions. This enables your trucks to reach destinations faster but more importantly, safer.


Investing in reliable brake pads can help you to prevent accidents, loss of property and road fatalities. Read on if you are interested in knowing more about Textar and the brake pad technology it deploys for heavy commercial vehicles.
Who is Textar?
Textar is a world-leading manufacturer of …

Meritor brake linings for American truck and trailer applications

An efficient braking system is the central component of your truck’s safety features. It is your truck’s final line of defence against accidents. If you are in the trucking business, your brakes should always be in optimal condition.

Trucks and trailers in Australia cover long distances between towns. To run a successful trucking business, you need ready access to high-quality aftermarket parts for your trucks. This not only ensures your truck’s safety, but it will also minimize your downtime significantly.

Meritor is a leading supplier of braking systems for American trucks and trailers. …

Dana Drivetrain

A drivetrain is the combination of components that work together, to deliver power to the wheels of your truck. A modern truck’s drive train components include drive axles, driveshafts, steer axles and hub systems. The truck’s engine is part of the powertrain and is not considered as part of the drivetrain.

Daf truck parts
A Brief Overview of Dana
Dana is a leading supplier original equipment and aftermarket parts for European trucks like DAFIVECO and MAN among others. The company specializes in the development of …

Bendix Brakes for Trucks

Safety is a key concern in the trucking industry. This is because incidents or accidents involving medium or heavy-duty trucks can easily lead to fatalities and extensive damage to property. A reliable braking system can protect your truck, the driver, cargo and pedestrians.

Bendix Brakes for Trucks

A high-quality brake system can also improve your driver’s confidence on the road. It assists your driver when performing critical driving maneuvers and navigating difficult terrains. Quality brakes also improve the truck’s stability in challenging weather conditions. With the backing of a formidable braking system, your trucks can …

Hengst Filter for Trucks and Buses

Trucks and buses are designed to operate in the most stringent regimes of road transport. The engines need to maintain optimal performance over long distances. In the heavy vehicle industry, increased profitability is directly dependent on the truck’s lifespan and fuel economy. Innovations that can help truckers meet these targets are highly valued.

Hengst Filter

Diesel trucks rely heavily on quality filtration solutions for efficient operations. Diesel fuel quality is not homogenous all over the world. The presence of impurities and water particles in diesel is often out of the truck operator’s control.

Since quality control …

FAG Drivetrain for Trucks

The drivetrain is a collective term for all the components that transmit power to the driving wheels of a vehicle. These include differentials, axle and wheel bearings, driveshafts, gaskets and a range of sealing systems. Your vehicle’s drivetrain components vary based on the type of transmission and wheel configuration you have.


The operational costs involved in the trucking industry is mostly influenced by service and repairs. After safety it is all about keeping the costs low. In order to keep your costs low, it is well advised to invest …

WABCO Brake and Stability Control for Truck and Bus

The success of innovation in the heavy vehicle industry is determined by how they improve the vehicles safety and fuel efficiency. These two pillars of the truck and bus industry are vital for profitability and the quality of service delivery.

WABCO is well known for producing robust OEM and aftermarket parts for European trucks. For more than a century, WABCO’s innovations have enabled truck manufacturers to improve their heavy vehicle designs continuously. WABCO’s products have facilitated the development of faster, safer and more economic trucks and buses for decades.
Origins of WABCO
WABCO’s dedication to the improvement of safety in the transport industry …

Hella Electrics for Trucks

The performance and efficiency of modern trucks and buses have improved significantly over the last two decades. This is mainly due to the advancement in the electrical technology solutions available in the heavy vehicle industry.

These electrical solutions range from essential air conditioning to the intricate networks of sensors that support autonomous driving solutions. The electric solutions are famed for revolutionizing driver comfort, improving vehicle performance and raising the safety standards of heavy vehicles globally. This article focuses on some of the solutions offered by Hella Electrics.
An Overview of Hella
Hella GmbH & Co. KGaA is one of the leading providers of …

DANA Driveshafts for Truck and Bus

The driveshaft is a key component of a vehicle’s drive train which couples its engine and wheels. The driveshaft is the main link between your transmission system and the drive axle. It works by transmitting torque and rotation from the transmission system to the drive axle and wheels.

Driveshafts vary in length and strength depending on their applications. They are also known as Cardan shafts, propeller shafts or tail shafts. Other components of a vehicle’s drive train include the UuniversalJoints, CV joints, Differentials and Axle shafts.
How DANA Founders Revolutionized The Driveshaft
DANA attributes its existence to the development made by the company’s …

SKF Wheel End for Trucks and Buses

The landscape and infrastructure network in Australia has supported the growth of the truck and bus industry. Long stretches between major cities and the efficient road system are excellent for long-hauliers.

The growth of the heavy vehicle industry has also increased the demand for efficient support systems and technologies. SKF is one of the leading companies that produce world-class aftermarket parts for European Trucks like DAF, IVECO, MAN and many more. This article sheds some light on the SKF Wheel End solutions for trucks and buses.
What is SKF?
SKF stands for the ‘Svenska Kullagerfabriken’ which can be translated as the …

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