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Monroe Shock Absorbers for Trucks and Bus

Monroe has been a name in aftermarket parts for European trucks for years, even if you don’t own a truck, bus or car you may still be familiar with the name *Monroe*. While Monroe has been known as a spare part for the family car, today Monroe is also producing shock absorbers for the logistics and heavy transport industry.

Monroe is a European original equipment supplier, a popular choice for Daf, Iveco and Man trucks and busses, an excellent choice for your fleet. For decades …

Holset Turbochargers for Trucks and Bus

As engineers continue making advancements in motor vehicle technology, truck manufacturers are continually releasing cutting-edge innovations for a better driving experience, fuel efficiency, and engine power. That’s why we see very high-tech diagnosis tools for trucks and bus brands finding their way into the market quite regularly. One of the greatest inventions in the history of automobiles, and that has undergone numerous improvements over the years is the turbocharger, an invention of the famed Swiss engineer, Alfred Büchi. Turbocharges are known to boost efficiency, lower emissions, and scale-up the performance of diesel engines. They do …

Behr Cooling Systems for Trucks and Bus

If you own a truck, no matter the brand, Fuso, Hino or Isuzu truck, etc, you need to play it safe when it comes to engine cooling. Thankfully Behr has a cooling system range that meets today’s demands. Truck and bus drivers require a cooling system that helps with fuel consumption, driving comfort and lower emissions.

The product range produced by Behr are known for their reliability, quality and long life, thanks to the expertise of the technicians and designers at Behr who are behind the scenes providing product development.

When it comes to high-quality aftermarket parts …

Jaltest Diagnostic Tool for Trucks and Buses

The heavy-duty truck and bus industry has developed significantly over the past few decades to incorporate highly automated systems in the vehicle design. Many of the new technologies included in modern trucks are designed to enhance safety and fuel economy as well as the driver’s comfort.

Technological solutions create unique challenges to the aftermarket and technical support personnel who need extra training to maintain the vehicles.

Keeping up with the pace and intricacy of advanced modifications can be challenging for heavy-duty vehicle service centres. Moreover, coordinating training programs to upgrade your staff’s skills can take a lot of time, especially in independent …

Our Bosch Collection

Bosch has been a force to reckon with in the engineering and electronics industry having entered the industry since 1886. This is one of the reasons why Bosch brands are highly demanded. Some of the Bosch products you should watch out for as you buy parts for your trucks include the following.

Fuel Injectors

Bosch fuel injectors include Port Fuel Injectors (PFI) and Direct Injectors (DI). PFI does have a robust design, and they are capable of making use of Ethanol fuel. Also, the Direct Injectors provide the basis for a more economical and cleaner engine ignition and are suitable for common …

Valeo Cooling System for European Trucks

A leading manufacturer of engine cooling, clutch systems, friction materials and thermal systems, Valeo is one of the world’s leading truck and bus component suppliers. In Europe, they are also a leader in lighting, air conditioning systems, electrical systems and security. When it comes to innovative technologies related to the reduction of CO2 emissions Valeo is a global leader whose aim is to reduce vehicle fuel consumption. By increasing engine performances reducing the energy consumption and using electric propulsion systems, Valeo has been able to reduce the weight of its parts.

Valeo’s origins began in 1923 when it first produced clutch …

Garrett Turbochargers For Japanese Trucks

For over 60 years, Garrett has been at the for-front of turbocharger manufacture.

Garrett turbocharges and other Garrett technologies and innovations are used in almost every major truck and car brand in the world, including Fuso, Hino, Isuzu and UD.

In 1928 John Clifford Garrett turned his passion for aviation and engineering into becoming Lockheed’s 29th employee. He turned his ambition for running an aviation corporation into a reality in 1936, creating the Aircraft Tool and Supply Company with a one-room office in Los Angeles. By the 1930s …

Panel Focus on Technology’s Impact on Aftermarket

The implementation of advanced technology in the heavy-duty trucking industry has led to several changes in the operations and aftermarket support systems of trucks worldwide. Trucking fleet operators rely heavily on aftermarket support to ensure their trucks run efficiently and have high-quality truck spare parts. An effective aftermarket support system can minimise downtime as well as the operational costs of your truck, effectively increasing your overall profits.

The Heavy Duty Aftermarket Dialogue (HDAD)

One of the programs set in place in support of aftermarket suppliers is the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Dialogue or HDAD. The HDAD is an …

Valeo Clutch Kit

Each time you start or stop your vehicle, change the gears or control the vehicle while making a turn at low speeds, there is a crucial component that makes sure you can do this successfully. This component, known as a clutch, applies to every vehicle with a manual transmission be it Kenworth, Mack, Man or Mercedes truck. The truck clutch transmits power from the engine to the gearbox, allowing power to release during gear change. The friction generated between the flywheel, pressure plate and clutch disc when the clutch is operated …

Questions to Ask When Buying Aftermarket Truck or Bus Parts

There may come a time where you need to buy an aftermarket part for your Volvo or Isuzu truck or bus. This can be for various reasons; it may be because parts of the bus or truck are wearing and need replacement or perhaps you have had an accident. Whatever reason you have for deciding to get aftermarket parts, there are some questions you need to ask.

What is the Quality of the Truck Part or Bus Part?
This is the single most important of all the questions you …

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