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Panel Focus on Technology’s Impact on Aftermarket

The implementation of advanced technology in the heavy-duty trucking industry has led to several changes in the operations and aftermarket support systems of trucks worldwide. Trucking fleet operators rely heavily on aftermarket support to ensure their trucks run efficiently and have high-quality truck spare parts. An effective aftermarket support system can minimise downtime as well as the operational costs of your truck, effectively increasing your overall profits.

The Heavy Duty Aftermarket Dialogue (HDAD)

One of the programs set in place in support of aftermarket suppliers is the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Dialogue or HDAD. The HDAD is an …

Valeo Clutch Kit

Each time you start or stop your vehicle, change the gears or control the vehicle while making a turn at low speeds, there is a crucial component that makes sure you can do this successfully. This component, known as a clutch, applies to every vehicle with a manual transmission be it Kenworth, Mack, Man or Mercedes truck. The truck clutch transmits power from the engine to the gearbox, allowing power to release during gear change. The friction generated between the flywheel, pressure plate and clutch disc when the clutch is operated …

Questions to Ask When Buying Aftermarket Truck or Bus Parts

There may come a time where you need to buy an aftermarket part for your Volvo or Isuzu truck or bus. This can be for various reasons; it may be because parts of the bus or truck are wearing and need replacement or perhaps you have had an accident. Whatever reason you have for deciding to get aftermarket parts, there are some questions you need to ask.

What is the Quality of the Truck Part or Bus Part?
This is the single most important of all the questions you …

Fleetguard Filters for American Trucks

Every truck needs different types of filters to either prevent particulates from developing in the engines or remove the particulates that have already built up in the truck’s engine. This is the reason why filters are critical in ensuring that your truck functions correctly. Fleetguard filters have proven to be a quality option for heavy-duty equipment. Therefore, you can use them for virtually all types of American trucks with Cummins, Detroit and Caterpillar engines, including Mack, Freightliner, Kenworth and Western Star.

What makes Fleetguard Filters the Best?

Fleetguard filters have high-quality performance, and advanced design specially made …

The Government Is Looking To Merge 16 Polytechnics into One Entity

Recently Chris Hipkins – the Education Minister announced a wide range of proposals to strengthen vocational education. This move will mean that New Zealanders are better equipped to deal with the changing nature of work. High school leavers will have access to high-quality training opportunities, which in turn means that employers will have staff equipped all the skills they need.

Mr Hipkins stated *The world around us is changing rapidly and our education system needs to keep up. At a time when we’re facing critical skill shortages, too many of our polytechnics and institutes of technology are going broke. *

With a …

Hino New Zealand Has Begun Teasing The Local Market

Hino is, and has always been committed to changing the game. They are certainly leading the charge with their redesigned next generation 500 Series Standard Cab. This new release is set to be unleashed on the market on February 20 this year, and New Zealand has already begun testing on their latest offering.

Shigeru Nakada, Hino Motors chief engineer stated *The truck market has recently required not only loading capacity, roadability and durability, but also safety, driveability and comfort. In developing the new Hino we sought to produce a sophisticated new product that will outperform the current truck and its competitors. …

New Kenworth’s On Their Way

Some new Kenworth’s are on their way – just in time for the Brisbane truck show and, according to Ross Cureton Paccar’s Director of Product Planning, there could be some new models from Paccar also appearing.

The NatRoad Conference on Hamilton Island was held in December 2018 and while Ross didn’t go into too many details, we know that a bigger cabin for the T610 will be making an appearance. This could mean that the new truck designs will include the extension of the re-engineering that created the T610 have been applied to the smaller T4’s and larger T9’s. This process …

FUSO’s Built Ready Wide Cab Tipper Has Gained an Extra Tonne of Capacity

Great news for lovers of Fuso’s built ready wide cab canter tippers range as they now come with a massive extra one tonne of capacity. This is a big bonus and upgrade especially for those who rely on needing to or wanting to be able to carry that little extra load.

Thanks to a range of upgrades, Fuso engineers have been able to enlarge the Gross Vehicle Mass and increase it by 7.5 tonnes and the Gross Combination Mass has risen to an incredible 11 tonnes. Fuso recently confirmed that the upgraded wide cab canter tipper has also had an upgrade …

New Zealand’s Top Hino Technician – Heidi Inkster

The first ever Hino Trans-Tasman Technical Challenge was held recently at Hino Australia’s Training Centre in Sydney. The challenge in 2018 was part of Hino’s National Skills Contest Programme. Winner of the inaugural New Zealand Hino Skills Competition Heidi Inkster competed against Hino Australia’s winner Asa Pearson. Challenges saw them competing against the clock with just 30 minutes to find four faults on the new GH1A wide cab Hino. Each fault had its own time limit which, once lapsed was closed forcing both to move onto the next fault.

Asa and Heidi were so well matched that the competition ended in …

Hengst Filter Media News

When you are looking for Nissan UD spare parts, Volvo truck spare parts, or virtually any truck model’s parts, it’s worth knowing that the Hengst product portfolio contains over 2,500 part numbers. This includes over 180 different filter media and another 70 filter media combinations to produce those 2500-part numbers.

This guarantees that those looking for truck spare parts are able to buy a filter that offers maximum performance, and they are buying a good value part. Hengst has a different filter or filter media combination for every 10 filter part numbers. You cannot get a better variety of replacement …

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